Ab-Soul Joins Women's Rights Conversation But Gets It Very Wrong

What exactly are women fighting for, Ab? To be treated with respect and dignity as a human being, not a piece of meat.

Countless hip-hop artists spoke out this past weekend in support of the marches that took place around the world in support of women's rights.

On Monday morning (January 23), TDE emcee Ab-Soul joined the conversation on Twitter, asking his female followers, "What does equality of the sexes really mean to you???" and "What exactly are we fighting for???"

Soulo's initial back and forth with his fanbase surrounded women's rights principles such as gender equality and equal pay for equal work, but the dialogue quickly shifted—as it tends to do on social media platforms—to responsible sex, sexual double standards, extramarital affairs.

While I believe Ab-Soul's myriad questions were rooted in man's never-ending quest to better understand the female mind, the conversation went off the rails when a fan named Kaitlyn Reynolds explained to the emcee that she doesn't like to go to the store and be subjected to "cat calls" from men.

In response, Ab-Soul suggested that women would actually be a lot more frustrated if they didn't receive any attention at all.



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If you scan Ab-Soul's entire Twitter timeline, it's clear his intentions are good. However, his response to Kaitlyn's comment is rife with ignorance. There is a seismic difference between a woman being shown attention by a man in a respectful and mature manner and a woman being verbally accosted by a man in a predatory manner.

Intimating that women would somehow be worse off if they weren't the victims of sexual harassment is, of course, a ludicrous position to take and this dangerous line of thinking is, in fact, the answer to one of Ab-Soul's original questions. 

What exactly are women fighting for, Ab? To be treated with respect and dignity as a human being, not a piece of meat.


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Tumblr



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