Shocking: Gucci Mane Reveals Plans to Release Yet Another New Album

Gucci continues to record and release music at lightning speed, but are people listening?

What? You thought he would take a break? Gucci Mane is a man who knows no such thing.

After releasing six projects in 2016, the ATL veteran announced on Tuesday (January 24) that his next album—coming soon—will be entitled Drop Top Wizop.

Despite our best efforts to convince Gucci to reconsider his album release strategy, it appears he will remain committed to his long-followed churn and burn approach to making and releasing music.

Gucci's hardcore fans expect nothing less than a handful of new projects every calendar year, but the numbers suggest his gameplan isn't working. "Both," which features a guest spot by Drake, is the only record from either of his recently-released full-length "albums"—Everybody Looking and The Return of East Atlanta Santa—to chart in the upper half (No. 41) of the Billboard Hot 100. 


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram