Drake Reveals the Reason Sade Turned Down a Collaboration in 2011

It's difficult to believe she'd do the same in 2017.

Drake rarely grants interviews, but this week he appeared as a guest on Kentucky men's basketball head coach John Calipari's Cal Cast podcast

During their quite entertaining 55-minute exchange, Coach Cal asked Drake to name an artist he's yet to work with who is at the top of his list.

His answer might surprise you.

"40 got an amazing opportunity early early on in my career to work with Sade on a remix to one of her songs. And I was THIS CLOSE to being on it but at that point in my career, she went and put Jay Z on it—which obviously is, you know, understandable. But that was always one for me where I was like, 'uhhh, I missed that.' My star wasn't there yet for her to hear me out."

The remix Drake is eluding to is Sade's "The Moon and the Sky (Remix)," which features on her compilation The Ultimate Collection in April of 2011.



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At the time, Drake had already burst onto the scene with Thank Me Later, but he was still seven months away from releasing Take Care, the album that cemented his place among hip-hop's biggest names. Of course, just because the remix was released in April of 2011, doesn't mean it was recorded in 2011. According to an MTV News article from February 2010—before Thank Me Later was even released—Sade claims nobody from Drake's camp ever asked her to collaborate. "I don't think they have contacted me," said the now 58-year-old singer.

As for how JAY-Z, and not Drake, ended up on the final version of the record, 40 explained the entire story to VIBE in 2014. 

"Jay Z emailed me like, “Yo, I want you to do this Sade record.” That record was tough, [though]. We went back and forth and I can’t say it ended up the way I really wanted. The record had five versions—the first me and Jay were like, Whew! We did it! And then Sade was like, Yeah, you change this, you change that. Me and Jay were deflated. I kept trying and it became a dead record for five months. I went back to the table, sent it to Sade and as soon as she greenlit it I was happy that she was happy."

So, to recap: JAY-Z called 40 and asked him to remix a Sade record, 40 did or didn't ask Sade and Jay if his boy Drake could appear as a guest on the record, and after several revisions, Sade finally greenlit 40's remix but with Jay as the featured guest.

It's understandable Sade would pass on Drake's semi-shining star in 2010, but it's hard to believe she'd do the same in 2017, especially considering a certain compliment she paid him just a couple years later...

...or the birthday present she gifted him with last year.

Maybe the real reason Drake's playlist project More Life is still on hold is that he's waiting for a certain English singer-songwriter to schedule her studio session.



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