Flying Lotus Responds to Reports People Walked Out of His "Kuso" Premiere at Sundance

Those with weak stomachs might want to steer clear of FlyLo's feature film debut.

Esteemed producer turned film director Flying Lotus has responded to reports that during the premiere of his debut feature film Kuso at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, a massive number of attendees walked out of the showing do the movie's grotesque nature.

According to FlyLo, who made the film independent of any movie studio, the number of people who walked out of the theater was grossly exaggerated.

The "they" the 33-year-old multi-talent is talking about is most likely The Verge's Chris Plante, who in his review of the film wrote the following:



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Anecdotally speaking, watching fellow moviegoers leave one by one was like witnessing a real-time trigger-warning test.

It's true that in the lead-up to the premiere, Flying Lotus did, as he mentioned in the above tweet, warn his viewing audience about the film being "crazy as fuck." But, at the same time, it's hard to blame anyone for leaving a showing that features a man having sex with a talking boil on a woman's neck until it's completely filled with semen. (The boil continues to talk while that happens, by the way.)

If Kuso ever makes it to Netflix, I might give it a whirl. If nothing else, watching the "grossest movie ever made" should make for great conversation.


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