Killer Mike Estimates the Incredible Amount of Weed Smoked During 'RTJ3' Sessions

In the words of Killer Mike himself: do dope, fuck hope.

If you’ve encountered Killer Mike in any manner over the course of his nearly 25-year career, you’ve probably quickly realized his affinity for weed. Marijuana mentions are heavy in most of his music, he’s stated it clearly in interviews, and if you follow Mike on social media you know the guy almost never misses a 4:20 celebration.

El-P is no different, and as Run The Jewels they’ve effectively become the boots-to-asses response to decades of lackadaisical weed rappers. Killer Mike and El-P are aggressive, witty, and apparently stoned out of their damn minds most of the time.

In DIY Magazine’s new cover feature on the group that’s currently enjoying another round of well-deserved success, Killer Mike is asked if he has a ballpark idea of just how much weed was consumed during the recording of their latest opus RTJ 3.

As it turns out, he did, and it was a shitload.

Run The Jewels have no qualms with admitting to their recreational habits, but can they roughly estimate how much weed was consumed during the making of ‘RTJ3’?

Killer Mike: Yes. You can do it like this. We average ‘bout a quarter pound a week to ten days. So, that’s on average about a pound a month. I’d say – give or take a pound – and we’re looking at a year here, I’d say honestly no less than six pounds to record an album.

Six fucking pounds?! And just between two guys?! Even if every engineer, contributing artist, and random guy on the couch got in on that action, that’s still an absolutely insane amount of weed, and that’s coming from someone that smokes a lot of weed.

Let’s say these guys are smoking one-gram joints, which if you visit a dispensary in a state with legalized marijuana that sells pre-rolled joints, is pretty standard. There are 16 ounces in a pound and 28 grams in an ounce, and remember Mike said no less than six pounds.

That means during the course of recording RTJ3, Killer Mike and El-P smoked—at minimum—2,688 joints. And the man actually said “give or take a pound,” so—completely disregarding how crazy of a statement that is to make—it’s totally within the realm of possibility that over 3,000 joints were smoked during the making of RTJ3.

I don’t want to sensationalize recreational weed use as it’s one of my favorite things in the world, but when you break that down to joint level with some quick math, it’s pretty damn staggering on paper.

Salute these men for still being able to function and put out some of the best hip-hop around.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Tumblr