Danny Brown & Paul White Are Releasing an EP, Get Excited

The frequent collaborators have cooked up an early Valentine’s gift.

Throughout the history of hip-hop, some of the most compelling content has come from a properly formed producer-emcee relationship. Think about it: Eric B. and Rakim, Gang Starr, and more recently, Run The Jewels—although El-P's contributions as an emcee are not to be discounted. 

When there’s great chemistry between a producer and an emcee, you can almost guarantee the end result is going to be some of the best work from either end. That’s certainly been the case thus far with Danny Brown and London-based producer Paul White, who just announced they are dropping a collaborative EP titled Accelerator on February 10.

Here’s how the project is described on White’s official Bandcamp site:

'Accelerator' is a fuzzed-out psych monster that defies conventions about what rap music should sound like in 2017, while 'Lion's Den' proves that Paul White and Danny Brown can beat the traditionalists at their own game too.

Hell yes.

I can never get enough of Danny over Paul's production, and I can’t wait to hear what “beating the traditionalists at their own game” will sound like through the pair's creative lens.



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After producing several tracks on Danny’s albums XXX and Old, Paul went on to collaborate with the likes of Homeboy Sandman and Open Mike Eagle before ultimately reuniting with Danny Brown to produce the majority of his latest album Atrocity Exhibition.

While Paul has proven his production versatility on the aforementioned projects, as well as 2015’s Golden Ticket with Eric Biddines, it seems he has the most fun when crafting absolutely bonkers soundscapes for the Adderall Admiral. Likewise, Danny seems at his best rocking over Paul’s left-field instrumentals, allowing plenty of room for Danny’s unorthodox deliveries and sensory-abrasive vocals.

The only thing hampering my absolute excitement is the fact that the EP will only contain four tracks—“Accelerator” and “Lion’s Den," along with their respective instrumentals.

Despite its brevity, Accelerator is still sure to be a fantastic addition to a working relationship that’s already becoming one for the hip-hop history books.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Bandcamp



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