Best Twitter Reactions to Beyoncé Having Twins

We rounded up our favorite Twitter responses to Beyoncé having twins, because Beyoncé's having twins and Twitter responded.
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Move over J. Cole, Beyoncé just went double pregnant with one husband

Earlier today (February 1), the pop superstar took to Instagram to announce she is pregnant with not one, not two, but THREE—wait, no it was just two—incoming babies. Beyoncé having twins is news big enough to "break the internet," as they say, so to celebrate, we combed through Twitter to collect some of our favorite tweets about Queen Bey's belly-swelling announcement.

Some people couldn't contain their excitement with mere words, instead opting to add emojis to make it known just how crazy this was.

Beyoncé having twins isn't your everyday occurrence, which is precisely why some folks had to throw in a curse word to accompany the groundbreaking news. Warning: NSFW.

Twins? Yeah, sorry but lowercase letters aren't going to cut it today. Not with this kind of news.

A few Twitter users were a bit confused as to what was going on, begging and pleading with other tweeters to answer the damn question! 

Some users took that confusion even further. This person doesn't even know how becoming pregnant with twins even happens! Looks like someone missed Sex Ed 101. 

Not everyone was absolutely crazy about the announcement, instead toning down their reaction as if it were normal, everyday news. Crazy, right?

One thing about Beyoncé having twins that we're sure about is that it's definitely #confirmed. 

And that's a wrap, folks.


By Brendan Varan, who's not having twins. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram