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SZA's 'CTRL' Won't Be Released Friday, But It's Coming "Very Soon"

Despite earlier reports, we'll have to wait a bit longer for SZA's debut album.

On January 13, SZA unveiled her brand new single, "Drew Barrymore," made her late-night TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and announced the title (CTRL) of her forthcoming studio debut. Then on January 23, the TDE songstress sat down for an interview with Billboard, where it was revealed that CTRL would be released on Friday, February 3.

Since that announcement, however, there hasn't been a single peep out of the TDE camp about the album. No iTunes pre-order link, no Spotify page, no social media promotion—nothing. 

With the published release date just one day away, I reached out to a source at TDE to find out if SZA's album is still on track for a Friday release. 

"We never said that," the source replied. "If it doesn't come directly from TDE then it isn't official. [It's] coming soon, very soon."

Hold up? Am I crazy? Did I not read that Billboard announced CTRL would be released on Friday, February 3?

As it turns out, no, I'm not crazy.

Currently, the opening line of her Billboard interview feature reads:

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"With her debut album, CTRL, out in February, the 26-year-old R&B singer breaks down the experiences that shaped her music."

Thanks to the internet, though—the internet is forever undefeated—I was able to track down the original opening line, which reads:

"With her debut album, CTRL, out Feb. 3, the 26-year-old R&B singer breaks down the experiences that shaped her music."

As you can see, the published release date was changed from "Feb 3" to just "February," Billboard didn't bother to provide an editor's note or update to indicate a change had been made, and nobody from TDE, including SZA, publicly addressed the date change.

Obviously, the music will be arriving sooner rather than later, but for SZA and her fans, it cannot come soon enough.


By Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

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