Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Vince Staples' "BagBak"

Vince’s new single is flames, and apparently there’s more on the way.

Since dropping his critically-acclaimed debut album Summertime ‘06 in 2015, Vince Staples has quickly risen to become one of the most valued voices in hip-hop through a consistent stream of impressively insightful offerings.

Having kept fairly quiet since last year’s Prima Donna EP, Staples is back and sounding hungrier than ever on his politically-charged new single, “BagBak.”

Holy shit, this is different but amazing.

While Vince is usually known for rocking over dark, somber production, “BagBak” is an uptempo affair with clear grime influences that allows a more energetic delivery than listeners might be used to.

The bouncy vibe of the track does nothing to hamper a fantastic lyrical performance from Vince, who rifles off several impassioned verses referencing a corrupt prison system, racial tension, gentrification and political despondency.

Prison system broken / Racial war commotion / Until the president get that, shit Vincent won't be votin' / We need Tomikas and Shaniquas in that Oval Office / Obama ain't enough for me, we only getting started / The next Bill Gates can be on Section 8 up in the projects

If this single has you itching for a new project from Vince, your hunger may soon be satiated according to a recent interview Vince conducted with University of Michigan publication The Michigan Daily.

When asked about “BagBak” and if the song's release meant there was more music on the way, Vince teased that fans, “should always be expecting something.” He then elaborated further by saying, “Especially now in the space we’re working in, I think it’s time to start releasing music again.”

Considering Vince’s tendency towards scathing social commentary in his music, I can’t wait to hear how the current climate of current events has influenced his upcoming work.

Until then, “BagBak” is on repeat.

By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Def Jam