Burp Cloth Talk: DJ Khaled's Infant Son to Exec-Produce His Next Album

We hope Asahd has the same quality ear for beats as his dad.
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Last week (February 3), producer, author, and all-around major key holder DJ Khaled announced a full-on, Don King-style press conference to announce some previously top secret information. Chance The Rapper and Jamie Foxx were listed as keynote speakers, and later on, Puffy’s attendance was announced as well. Bless up, indeed.

Today (February 9), the conference went down and was live-streamed via Khaled’s Instagram. After a heartfelt speech from Jamie Foxx and some similarly kind and inspirational words from Chance, Khaled took the stage to announce that the title of his forthcoming tenth album would be entitled Grateful, and that it would be executive produced by his infant son, Asahd.

Of course, Khaled’s announcement of a nearly newborn child taking the role of executive producer—on what will surely be his biggest album to date, no less—was met with laughter from the crowd, but Khaled followed up by asserting that Asahd is indeed already in talks (or at least vague noises) with Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid, and is signing off on all of his father’s business deals (most likely in crayon).

While I want to take this as a joke—because, obviously—similar accounts of weird executive producer picks are making me second guess the sarcasm of Khaled’s announcement, as well as my entire life.

Nas’ then-6-year-old daughter Destiny was apparently the executive producer on Stillmatic (that explains the production choices), and Frank Ocean legitimately listed his dog Everest as the executive producer on Channel Orange.

So, maybe, in a symbolic, intangible way, the love and joy that Asahd has brought into Khaled’s life will propel him to make his best album ever. In that respect, I guess Asahd technically could be executive producing Grateful. Time will ultimately tell whether this was just a witty quip at a press conference (absolutely), or the legitimate beginning of Khaled’s familial empire (not likely).  

Either way, while Asahd may only have three months and some change on this earth, his father seems to think he’s ready to enter the family business, and I can’t think of a single time that Khaled has ever led us astray.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram