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ScHoolboy Q Opens Up About Being a "Deadbeat" Dad & Drug Addict

The TDE emcee was able to turn his personal demons into his musical muse.

In December, ScHoolboy Q shared his plans to release a follow-up to his GRAMMY-nominated Blank Face album, and earlier today, while being interviewed by Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 Radio program on Apple Music, Q announced that he's "halfway through" recording the project and has been working with fellow GRAMMY nominee Anderson .Paak on several records.

While album status updates are always noteworthy, the biggest takeaway from Q's interview with Lowe was how open and honest he was about his mental state while recording his second and third albums: Habits & Contradictions and Oxymoron.

During the creation of Habits & Contradictions, Q admits to being a "deadbeat" father to his daughter Joy, often keeping pocket change for himself rather than spending it on her:

"When I came out with Habits & Contradictions, the first joint I did in 2012, it was like, all the things that kept me from gettin to the point I wanted to get to, where I was always contradicting myself and my bad habits. Always want to go back to the block to hang out when I know I should just be at the studio. I'd finally get a hundred dollars, knowing I should give it to my daughter, I'd give twenty to her and I'd keep eighty for myself. Ya know what I mean? Just being a dead beat, just overcoming those things, I just had to talk about it."

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Unfortunately, just talking things through didn't help Q overcome his own personal demons. According to the TDE emcee, as he began recording material for his next album Oxymoron, he was simultaneously selling and abusing drugs:

"Oxymoron was another time period in my life where I was selling oxycontin, I was addicted to drugs at the same time. I was addicted to pills, and I was selling them at the same time. I never was addicted to oxycontin, but, like, Percocet, zannies, lean and stuff like that. I was addicted to it. So that is why I got inspired by that."

By the time Q began working on Blank Face, as he says, "my life from top to bottom as of now," he had already made the transition from aspiring rap star into actual rap star, which allowed him to better provide for his daughter and motivated him to become an active parent. As you might recall, in an interview the week before Blank Face was released last year, Q revealed that he almost retired from rap to focus on being a father.

Some rappers are motivated by money and the thirst for fame and attention, while others are motivated by the desire to be the best, but throughout his interview with Zane, Q makes clear his priorities now revolve around providing a good life for his daughter. 

"I'm not a deadbeat father anymore, I'm in my daughter's life. She lives with me. I pick her up, take her to school every morning. It's just a whole different Q."




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