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Fat Joe Wants to Collaborate With Drake: He's "The Only One That's Left"

Drake is seriously the only living artist Fat Joe needs to check off his hip-hop bucket list?

On Thursday, Fat Joe conducted a Reddit AMA in advance of today's (February 17) release of his joint album with Rema Ma, Plata O Plomo.

Typically, artists give one word or one sentence answers during their AMA's, but Joey took his time responding to questions, often elaborating well beyond questioner expectations.

In addition to telling stories about Big Pun (he was a prankster and would often spike Joey's drink with extra sugar) and Big L (he would call up Joey to get in street fights, often taking on guys "three times his size"), and naming his three favorite "new generation" artists (J. Cole, Remy Ma and Troy Ave—yes, that Troy Ave), Joey revealed that Drake is "the only one that's left" on his list for a collaboration.

"I like Drake a lot, you know what I'm saying," Joey wrote. "I'm sure me and him would get together and make a super smash. That's about it."

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Given Drake's proclivity for making chart-topping hit singles, it isn't surprising that Joey, now 24 years into his career and forever in pursuit of an extended shelf life, would want to work with the biggest artist in the industry. What is surprising, however, is that the list of artists Fat Joe would like to collaborate with—"new school or old," as the question read—only has one name on it.

You mean to tell me that Drake is seriously the only living artist Fat Joe needs to check off his hip-hop bucket list?

Out of curiosity, I reviewed Joey's entire catalog, making a short list of all his collaborations with legendary artists, and holy shit, his resume is absolutely stacked: Big L ("The Enemy"), Big Pun (Various), Busta Rhymes ("We Thuggin' (Remix)"), Clipse ("Kilo"), Eminem ("Lean Back (Remix)"), Kanye West ("Pride N Joy"), KRS-One ("Bronx Tale"), Lil Wayne ("Make It Rain"), Nas ("John Blaze") Raekwon ("Respect Mine"), Scarface ("Bust at You") and Too Short ("Money Over Bitches"). 

That list grew by one name in 2016, when Jay Z jumped on the remix of his hit single with Rema Ma, "All The Way Up," which Joey labeled as his "dream collab." But as far as "new school" artists go, Fat Joe has yet to work on a record with either Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole—who, remember, Joey called one of his favorites.

So while Drake might be "the only one that's left" on Joey's list right now, it wouldn't hurt to expand it by a few more names.



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