Gucci Mane Has Quietly Become the New DJ Khaled

Guwop is here to motivate, educate and inspire.

Although DJ Khaled has been in the music scene for nearly 20 years, it wasn’t until very recently that he became a household name outside of those familiar with his contributions to hip-hop. Ultimately, it was Khaled’s self-created role of social media motivator—not his music—that catapulted his name into virality and brought more attention to his musical offerings.

Now almost a full year into his post-prison comeback, it appears Gucci Mane is following in Khaled’s footsteps.

Over the past three weeks, Gucci’s Twitter feed has slowly morphed into a curated timeline of inspirational one-liners and motivational musings in the same vein as Khaled’s “major keys.”



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Here are just a select few of his Guccisms.

Much like Khaled did with his #MajorKey campaign, Gucci has taken to tagging many of his 140 character pep talks with #DropTopWop, a reference to his recently announced upcoming album Drop Top Wop. Not only is this a great album promotion tactic during the height of social media motivators, but Gucci is in a unique position to take this recent trend to Khaled-esque heights, and possibly beyond.

Whereas most of Khaled’s inspiration is rooted in vague, universal terminology, Gucci Mane’s life has been filled with the type of obstacles and 180-degree transformations that back his words of encouragement with tangible inspiration. It’s great that Khaled has made himself so successful, but Gucci’s wisdom is coming from a man that has very recently endured a prison sentence, drug rehabilitation, and a creative rebirth.

The unfortunate truth is that the Gucci we knew up until 2016—the drug use, crime, and self-sabotaging mentality—is still a daily reality for hundreds of thousands of young men and women in this country. Gucci has been in the public eye throughout the majority of his artistic, personal and even physical transformation away from that lifestyle, making his newfound wisdom all the more tangible.

Since his return to the spotlight, Gucci has seemed hell-bent on making up for lost time when it comes to helping himself and others, and if he continues down this road of empowerment, we could very well be seeing a #DropTopWop book on the shelves right next to The Keys.



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