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Future Releases "Draco" Video With Lots of Guns, But Zero Book Bags

Lots of guns, lots of money, very few book bags.

Future said you’re never going to get your bitch back, and it’s most likely because she’s busy doing his dirty work.

Last night (February 21), the ATL superstar took over the stage of The Tonight Show for a “legendary” performance of “Draco”—one of the standout efforts from FUTURE (by Future).

Today, the artist and a doer of great business with Drake shared the music video for the electrified record, which features a lot of women, a lot of guns and a lot of money. The burning question remains, though, where the hell are all the book bags???

The song’s addictingly catchy hook kicks off with “Draco season with the bookbag,” yet not once are we treated to even a glimmer of a bookbag.

Not. One. Backpack.

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Sure, there are plenty of duffel bags, which could technically carry books, I guess. There’s a small glimpse of a satchel at the one-minute mark, maybe that counts? There are a number of garbage bags and even a coffin, yet not one bag is primed for the transportation of a few books and maybe a few other class-related materials.

Book bag-fueled disappointment aside, the “Draco” video has everything you want from a crime thriller. There are beautiful, leather-clad women involved in brutal homicides, a Molotov cocktail, a guy who kind of looks like Chris Paul’s brother from those State Farm commercials without the mustache, a pile of french fries casually spilled about at a murder scene—even one dude being bound to his steering wheel while his car is set on fire! 

The only thing missing seems to be a compelling storyline, though the takeaway is that Future is a criminal mastermind, pulling off all of this from the safety of an abandoned warehouse and the phone booth from Anchorman.

Fitting for the glittering, surging production from DJ Spinz, though, the video begins inside of an arcade, as we bear witness to a much younger Future’s early charismatic knack for stealing your bitch. All these years later, and there’s still no hope for getting her back.

What you can get is a pre-order for Hendrix's next album, HNDRXX, set to drop this Friday, February 24.


By Brendan Varan, card-carrying #FutureHive member. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: YouTube



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