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Jay Electronica Once Again Reminds Us That We're Never Getting an Album

Surprise! The exhausting saga of waiting for 'Act II' continues.

In September 2014, former DJBooth scribe Lucas Garrison proclaimed he was quitting on Jay Electronica. After waiting seven years for the Roc Nation emcee to follow-up his 2007 mixtape Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) with his proper debut album, Lucas had simply given up all hope.

And who could blame him? The complete history of hip-hop's most detoxed album since Detox—Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn)—has been more exhausting than listening to a DJ Khaled interview.

This is a man who has called himself the "God of Rap," yet hasn't even released a proper debut album. This is a man who fired off shots at hip-hop's golden child, Kendrick Lamar, calling him "his baby," but is cashing checks for fake-rapping in Toyota commercials. 

This past weekend, two-and-a-half years after we published Lucas' op-ed, the internet nearly lost their marbles when a video clip of Jay Z telling Electronica to release "the album" started to circulated online. But after Billboard published a new interview with the reclusive rapper on Wednesday (February 22), we all collectively remembered this is Jay Electronica we're talking about here.

"I have to be at a place where I’m pleased with the offering," said Electronica. "So, it will come—it’s coming soon. Slowly but surely."

Sure, Jay, whatever you say.

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"Then again, an album is a false concept anyway. An album is something that was created by corporations as a product to make money," Jay continued.

You're right, Jay. The album is a money-making ploy by record companies to get the listening public to buy 10-14 tracks when only two or three are any good. But in 2017, with the importance of the album dwindling anyway, don't act like you want to put music out without it having to fit into the construct of an album when you could very easily just release singles. Yes, people do want a Jay Electronica album, but nobody will complain if you release a fucking song or two.

"People have been making music, doing plays and telling stories around fires for trillions of years. I like albums but I’m not too really handcuffed to the concept of that," Jay concluded.

You don't say?

Yeah, so, we're never getting this album. Ever. It doesn't matter how often we ask for it—it ain't coming.

If this realization is upsetting, may I suggest reading about that time Jay Elec created a crappy website and posted a fake news story about signing to Bad Boy Records?


By Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.



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