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Earl Sweatshirt Has Begun Work on a New Album, Get Excited

The follow-up to the Odd Future alum's '15 'I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside' album is on the way.

After the goldmine of great releases that made up 2016, the new year is off to an unsurprisingly strong start. While January provided few high-profile releases outside of Migos, February has given us plenty of star power with new albums from Future (x2) and Big Sean, along with excellent non-hip-hop projects from Sampha, Syd, Thundercat and more.

With spring teasing its presence and a whole lot of empty or unannounced release dates still standing on the calendar, Earl Sweatshirt just scribbled his name onto the list of possible 2017 album drops after taking to Twitter to announce that he has begun working on the follow-up to 2015’s I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside.

It’s been quite a busy year already for Odd Future affiliates, as Syd, Matt Martians and Steve Lacy of The Internet have all released solo projects within the last month, and considering we haven’t heard from Earl in a project capacity for over a year, my anticipation couldn’t be higher.

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Earl’s last outing was an understated, brooding affair that clocked in at under half an hour, hardly enough material to keep hardcore fans at bay for more than 365 days. 2016 was almost completely devoid of Earl’s presence, save for his standout performance on Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition and a pair of solid features for Samiyam and Knxwledge, so the hunger for a full-length project is palpable.

While there’s been no mention of a title or release date as of yet, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside had no official announcement before it popped up for pre-order in March of 2015, so I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if we are hit over the head with a semi-surprise release before the second half of the year.

A lot has gone on in the world since we last heard from Earl, and with all the time he’s had to plot his follow-up, I’m fully expecting a fantastic album that builds on his astonishing artistic maturation, whenever it does finally arrive.

Until then, I’m posted up waiting for updates.


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