Playboi Carti Calls Himself & Lil Uzi Vert the "Jay Electronica of Mumble Rap"

If Roc Marciano can become a huge fan of Young Thug, anything is possible.

In a newly-released video interview with VFILES, 20-year-old rapper Playboi Carti referred to himself and Lil Uzi Vert as, "the Jay Electronica of mumble rap."

Clearly, the Atlanta native reads DJBooth, since I made that exact comparison back in January after Carti revealed his plans to finally release a full body of work—something Jay Electronica has refused to do.



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Before you trip over your limited edition Immortal Technique vinyl while going through a fit of hip-hop rage, the Carti and Jay Elect comparison is based solely on their limited musical output. Carti, on the other hand, half-jokingly considers their work in the "mumble" realm as relative brilliance. 

While "mumble rappers" like Uzi Vert and Carti have encountered their fair share of criticism over the past year—both for the music they make and their attitude toward rap's old guard—the self-deprecating attitude both artists displayed in this interview should help them win over some of their detractors. 

If Roc Marciano can become a huge fan of Young Thug, anything is possible.



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