Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds” is a Fraud, But She's Still the Winner

Even with a lackluster response, Nicki will assuredly "win" this "beef."

First, let me just say: I couldn't care less about this Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma "beef."

"Um, Z, if you don't care about it, why are you wasting your time writing about it?"

Great questions demand great answers, I got you.

Late Thursday evening (March 9), Nicki Minaj unleashed a "#3Pack" of new songs: "No Frauds" featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, "Regret In Your Tears," and "Changed It," also featuring Wayne.

Nicki's verse on "No Frauds" could be constituted as a semi-proper response to Remy's Ma's vicious seven-minute "shETHER," but she must lose points for enlisting Drake and Wayne to form Young Money Voltron considering neither of them addressed the situation and the first lesson in Diss Records 101 says you don't bring backup to a rap battle.

Setting aside the fact that all three records are super underwhelming, or that she enlisted the help of her more popular cohorts, or that she waited two weeks to respond to Remy with one lone verse—this is, without a doubt, a win for Team Nicki.

All three songs are currently in the top five of the U.S. iTunes Top 100 Songs chart, #3Pack was trending on Twitter hours before last night's release and "Nicki" has been trending since, and Minaj' last nine Instagram posts—all centered around the three songs—have racked up a combined million plus likes. 

As we learned from the Drake and Meek Mill beef two years ago—damn, it seems like just yesterday—and then later the Joe Budden and Drake "beef," it's not just about the bars anymore. Back in the day, if you spent seven minutes ripping another emcee apart, you certainly received more than a 16 bar response.

But now? Yeah, none of that matters. Remy's "shETHER" was more cutting, more impressive and hit much harder despite it borrowing Ron Browz' super bland production from Nas' original, but thanks to Nicki's star power, her social circle and her fan base, she will be declared the winner by the public internet. If not today, then certainly after we've heard "No Frauds" on the radio and in the clubs for months, as it's star power will basically guarantee more play than the quality of the song should merit.

Nicki wrote on Instagram that queens don't "work on peasant time"—which is totally not a thing—but that Remy has 72 hours to respond to "No Frauds." Um, hypocrite much?

Man, the diss track game has really changed.


By Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: iTunes