Pharrell Williams Pays Tyler, The Creator the Ultimate Compliment

Tyler must be over the moon.

Tyler, The Creator has never been bashful about showering Pharrell Williams with praise and tonight (March 12) Pharrell returned the favor. 

In a heartfelt tweet, Pharrell thanked Tyler for embodying the spirit of N*E*R*D's highly influential debut album In Search Of...

Can you even imagine what it would be like to receive a complimentary tweet from your musical idol? From a man you've previously called a "fucking God"?



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Tyler must be over the moon. 

Tyler's never been shy about professing his appreciation for Pharell and co., but there are two incidences, in particular, that stand out from a run-of-the-mill mention in an interview. On "DEATHCAMP," a track from his 2015 album Cherry Bomb, Tyler boldly rapped, "In Search of... did more for me than Illmatic," and then last July 25, on the 10th anniversary of Pharrell Williams' In My Mind album, Tyler penned an essay about the impact that the project had on himself and its role as a catalyst in helping to launch Odd Future

To date, the pair has worked together twice—first on "IFHY" in 2013 and then again in 2015 on "KEEP DA O's"—but their relationship goes well beyond their collaborative history on wax. In 2014, N*E*R*D reunited at Tyler's Camp Flog Gnaw carnival, which produced this awesome interview, and just look at the way Tyler looks at Pharrell while he's talking during their 2016 OTHERtone interview on Beats 1. That's respect.

In a series of tweets in February, Logic talked about rappers being scared to show love and prop up one another. I'm so glad that isn't a problem for Tyler and Skateboard P.



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