Vince Staples' New Album is Titled 'Big Fish Theory'

If this project sounds like its lead single "BagBak," we're in for a real treat.
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Vince Staples might not be interested in speaking with DJ Vlad, but the Long Beach native did recently sit down with Kyle Kramer at VICE for the March '17 issue of their print magazine.

In the interview, Kramer reveals that the title of Staples' next full-length project—which he writes is "excellent"—will be Big Fish Theory and that the recently-released "BagBak" is the album's lead single. 

"On 'Big Fish Theory,' Staples plays with the idea of conflicting expectations, mixing, for instance, 'holy water with the Voss.'" - Kyle Kramer, VICE

No release date for the LP has been announced by Staples or his record label Def Jam—in February, the label toldPitchfork it's coming "very soon"but Kramer does reveal that the album is a "further exploration of the same massive, almost industrial sounds" that populated the emcee's acclaimed 2015 double album, Summertime '06

For some, it might be hard to believe that Staples, a major label artist, would be given the green light to create another album full of industrial production, but the artist wisely signed a record contract that afforded him a hefty amount of creative control. As a result, fans should expect a project that lives up to or exceeds the 23-year-old's last release—the conceptually geniusPrima Donna EP. 

Staples is currently headlining his The Life Aquatic Tour, which is set to run through March 27.

We have reached out to Staples' manager Corey Smyth for further details on the album's release, but so far have not heard back. If we are provided with any additional information, we will update this story accordingly.


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