Noname Says She Won't Be "Dropping Music For a Long Time"

A popular artist not releasing music for a long time? What year is this?

For two straight years, we refused to forget about Noname, and finally, after an excruciatingly but totally worthwhile wait, the Chicago buzzmaker delivered her acclaimed debut Telefone last July. 

Although unlike many of her churn and burn contemporaries, Noname has no set plans to release new tunes for the foreseeable future.

In a tweet sent on Monday (March 20), she encouraged fans to enjoy her uncredited verse on Smino's "Amphetamine," stating that she won't be "dropping music for a long time."

While die-hard fans will surely be disappointed to read this news, taking a long break from releasing music means that Noname will once again be able to build up anticipation for future works.

According to the artist herself, it only took a month to create Telefone from start-to-finish. Just because she was able to finish a project in under 31 days, however, doesn't mean that its recordings don't have legs that extend beyond the average listening cycle in 2017, which is somewhere between 24 hours and 14 days.

In the event you've already made a few too many calls to her Telefone, and you don't know how you'll survive with the knowledge that no new Noname is on the way, we highly recommend her guest spots on theMIND's "Animated Ambition" and Saba's "Church/Liquor Store."

Art CreditJaylin Leveston