Waka Flocka Explains Why He Hasn't Released an Album in Five Years

It's been awhile since we've had a proper release from Waka, but new music is "coming soon."

For the past five years, Waka Flocka Flame fans have been clamoring for a new album—his last full-length commercial release was 2012's Triple F Life: Fans, Friends & Family—but all the Atlanta-bred artist has delivered are some forgettable promotional singles and a number of underwhelming mixtapes.

On Wednesday (March 22), during a #FlockadamusQA on Twitter, a fan asked the 30-year-old rapper when he plans to release "new product," to which he responded: 

It should be noted that for years, Waka was embroiled in arguments with his label Atlantic Records, whom he claims held back his Flockaveli 2 project and didn't seem to care about him as a human being in addition to a signed artist. After telling fans to bombard Atlantic with calls for his release, Waka took to Twitter to claim he and the label had finally parted ways in November 2016.

In regards to Waka's tweet, we hear stories all the time from rappers about how they recorded new material or a portion of their album while out on the road, but just because this practice has been accepted as commonplace doesn't mean it's the preferred working environment for all artists.

Given the music industry's current economic climate, which dictates that an artist hit the road for at least three-quarters of the year, it's not surprising to learn that an artist who has been touring around the world non-stop for four straight years hasn't found the time—or possibly the inspiration—to complete a new album.

What is surprising, on the other hand, is Waka's ability to book multiple shows in the same city without releasing any new music in between dates. Typically, if an artist has nothing new to offer their fans, it's very likely they'll just look elsewhere to be satiated. It appears Waka has become a slight exception to the rule, most likely a product of his crossing over heavily into the EDM realm.



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