Rick Ross & Gucci Mane are Bringing Their Brilliant Chemistry to the Big Screen

Why Rozay and Guwop could be Hollywood's best new hip-hop duo.

Rick Ross’ “Buy Back the Block” is one of the most entertaining music videos of the last year.

In it, Ross posts up in the hood with Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, 21 Savage and his son, William Roberts III. But the best part of the video comes before all that: it's the three-and-a-half-minute opening scene, in which Rozay and Guwop play bored car wash employees—think the Southern version of Snoop and Dre’s 2001 flick The Wash—plotting their way out of their crappy job.

When their boss comes by demanding two months' rent, both men moan and groan in sync. Gucci takes offense and threatens to sic the youngest employee (who just got out of prison) on him. Ross flexes on him by pulling out a fat wad of cash, which his boss correctly guesses didn’t come from washing cars. “Stay out my pocket,” he barks with the biting delivery and flawless comic timing of a '70s pimp.

It’s a performance that makes you believe Rick Ross and Gucci Mane could be the next hip-hop duo to break Hollywood—the 2017 Meth and Red, Kid ’n’ Play or, to a lesser extent, Snoop and Wiz. After all, with Guwop starring in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers and Rozay making a cameo in Starz’ Magic City series (not to mention his musical role as a drug kingpin who's owed a hundred favors from the real Noriega), both rappers are no strangers to acting.

As it turns out, they are planning to bring their brilliant chemistry to the big screen.

In a recent interview with V103 Live’s Ryan Cameron, Rozay announced that he and Guwop are “gonna film [their] first movie” together. The project, which will be fully independent, is set to begin filming in Atlanta—the home of many great rap-related films and TV series—within the next three months. “That’s coming, that’s official,” he said. “They gon’ see us swerving.”

No word on what the film is about or who else will appear in it, but if it’s anything like their “Buy Back the Block” video, then we’re in for a treat.

Photo Credit: YouTube