Red Bull Music Academy Examines the International Rise of Grime

Get in tune with the OGs, current stars and up-and-comers of the UK grime scene.

Grime is booming.

Born from East London's underground as a fusion of styles and genres—including electronic, hip-hop, dancehall and more—grime has waxed and waned in popularity since its early 2000s genesis.

In recent years, fueled by the exploding popularity of superstars like Skepta and Stormzy, the genre has surged to a rapidly growing global force, but despite how quickly its stock is rising, grime has yet to truly take hold in the American mainstream.

Red Bull Music Academy hopes to combat this obstacle with the release of the latest episode of their Hashtags series, where they "examine the mechanisms at play in grime’s rise in other corners of the world" to help explain the now-global phenomenon.

In addition, meet the OGs, current stars and up-and-comers of UK's grime scene with a specially curated GrimeTime playlist by Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins (of Complex) in support of RBMA, available for streaming now via our partner site Audiomack.



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