Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Terrace Martin’s “Mask Off” Remix

It’s like Atlanta, L.A. and Houston rolled into one.

What’s better than all these flute beats infiltrating hip-hop right now? Terrace Martin’s saxophone sprinkled over them.

Throwing his hat into the #MaskOffChallenge ring—the latest trend sweeping social media that has spawned some truly amazing covers, from a choir rework to this dear old grandma rapping “Percocets, molly Percocets”—the jazz maestro gives Future’s “Mask Off” a magical makeover.

Not that the song requires much of a facelift; instead, Martin allows his saxophone to float over Metro Boomin's original instrumental while his use of a vocoder gives Hendrix’s 2017 hit a classic West Coast feel. Between this and Kendrick Lamar’s “untitled 02,” there’s something eerily hypnotic about the way Terrace Martin’s sax snakes its way around trap production.

Following an epic sax flourish around the halfway point that feels as climactic as when Future sips on his first pint of promethazine of the day, Cornrow Terry caps off his remix by not only chopping and screwing the production but throwing in a whistly synth Dr. Dre would be proud of. It’s like Atlanta, L.A. and Houston rolled into one.

Now, all we need is for someone to add Future’s vocals to this remix and Terrace Martin might have just won the #MaskOffChallenge.