Of Course Troy Ave Lied About Almost Signing With TDE

Fake news. Who would have guessed?

On "Truth Be Told PSA," a 32-minute commentary track on his newly-released and insultingly-titled mixtape Nupac, disgraced New York rapper Troy Ave intimated that, upon his release from jail, he had plans to fly out west and sign a record deal with Top Dawg Entertainment after Kendrick Lamar allegedly reached out to him through a mutual friend.

According to TDE's boss man Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith, that story is, of course, "fake news."

In a series of tweets, Tiffith set the record straight:

While we certainly didn't need confirmation from TDE to know that Troy Ave's story was likely fiction—he's never spoken with Top nor Kendrick—it's good to know we can officially cross off the missed connection from our running "almost" rapper and label pairing list.



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