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SZA Hires a Hitman to Kill Travis Scott in New "Love Galore" Video

Good luck to Top Dawg trying to contain more SZA hype after this track and video.

For as many fans who lost their shit over TDE’s announcement of Kendrick’s fourth album DAMN. a few weeks back, there seems to be a nearly equal portion of the online community that would like nothing more than SZA’s debut album CTRL.

Considering her full-length TDE introduction was announced back in January, fans were understandably confused as to how Kendrick managed to usurp SZA’s spot in TDE’s increasingly overwhelming release schedule.

TDE CEO Top Dawg quelled the thirst of upset fans recently by confirming that SZA is indeed next up to bat for the label, and today we get our first taste of her upcoming project in the form of “Love Galore," a crazy new single and video featuring Travis Scott.



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The sultry jam finds the TDE songstress waxing poetic over a beat co-produced by thankgod4cody and Carter Lang, and as fantastic as the song is, it's the Nabil-directed accompanying visual that steals the show.

Surrounded by butterflies, SZA and Scott seem to be deep in the throes of love, or at the very least lust, melting over each other in lush environments. Things get freaky as SZA ties Travis to the bed, and that's when things take a sharp left turn into Fucked Up-ville.

With Travis restrained on the bed, SZA answers the door to a mysterious elderly woman and lets her in as she's leaving. As it turns out, that unsuspecting yet creepy old lady is an assassin who promptly goes to work on Scott with a hatchet.


The song and video offer an impactful if not haunting introduction to SZA’s debut which, according to a TDE press release, is being released this summer and will begin the label's partnership with RCA Records for at least the duration of the album's release.

We can only hope the rest of CTRL is half this good.



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