Big Boi Works on Records for 3 Years, Lets His Kids Pick Singles

"My boys have been picking singles with me since 'Bombs Over Baghdad.'"

Big Boi isn't like other emcees, but we knew that long before he sat down with Jinx at Pigeons & Planes to discuss his forthcoming Boomiverse album—due out this June—and how he chooses which songs will be his singles.

According to the legendary OutKast member, after working on records for three years, he will test them for various groups of people at Stankonia, his personal recording studio in Atlanta, including... his kids.

"I play it for my kids. Their friends might come over for sleepovers and I'll secretly push play and whatever they start dancing to, I'll take a little note, 'Put this one to the side.' I got ears around me. My boys have been picking singles with me since 'Bombs Over Baghdad.' Like, if we get into the car to go to football practice, they'll be like, 'Play the song with Killer Mike, dad. Play that again.' or 'Can you let me get this one song on my iPod?' That's when you know it's the one."

Long before the general listening populace heard either of his two new singles, the Adam Levine-assisted "Mic Jack" and the Killer Mike and Jeezy-assisted "Kill Jill," Big had already product tested both tracks over the course of multiple pseudo focus group-like listening sessions at home and in the car with his children.

Big Boi's A&R methodology is somewhat similar to Kanye West, who in addition to being a musical savant and an ultra-polarizing figure, has remained incredibly relevant despite growing older because of his ability to interact with and appeal directly to the youth.

And people wonder why Lil Yachty is winning