Tinashe's Manager Told Her to "Grab Travis Scott's Balls" During Photoshoot

The crotch grab seen 'round the world wide web could undermine her music career.

Tinashe set social media ablaze in March when a photograph of the singer grabbing Travis Scott in the man zone from her spread in British GQ's spring/summer 2017 issue hit the net.

As it turns out, though, it wasn't her idea or photographer Terry Richardson's. "The actual reason why I did it is because my manager was like, 'You should grab his balls," the RCA songstress told host Joe La Puma during the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Tinashe's story is mildly amusing and the end result of her crotch grab seen 'round the world wide web has been a net positive for her career—all publicity is good publicity, right?—but traveling further down the road of sexual exploitation does stand to undermine her work as an artist.

Selling sex in the entertainment world has been a blueprint for success for years, but if Tinashe is serious about her career as an artist, and not as a piece of eye candy, it might behoove her to tell her manager no the next time she's encouraged to cup a man's junk. Or maybe she needs a new manager.