Study: Eminem & J. Cole Among Least Repetitive Rappers

Let us explain.

According to a new study, among all mainstream rappers to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, Eminem and J. Cole have the greatest tendency to be non-repetitive. 

OK, so what the hell does that mean?

In order to determine which artists tend to consistently make both the most and least repetitive music, the talented folks over at The Pudding recently analyzed the repetitiveness of a dataset of 15,000 songs that charted on the Billboard Hot 100 between 1958 and 2017.

Using the handy Lempel-Ziv algorithm, which essentially highlights repeated sequences, The Pudding determined that the number and length of a repeated section in a song, like a chorus or bridge, could produce a compressibility percentage. The higher the score, the more repetitive.

Among the 15,000 analyzed songs, the median repetition across all genres was 50%. Hip-hop and country music were found to be the least repetitive genes, while pop and rock were found to be the most repetitive.

As it pertains to Eminem and J. Cole, the pair only has a combined four songs (out of 41) north of 50%—Eminem's "Superman" at 56% and J. Cole's "Ville Mentality," "Work Out" and "Deja Vu" all between 54 and 56%.

By comparison, Kanye West has seven ("Fade" is the highest at 65%), Drake has six ("Find Your Love" is the highest at 66%), Jay Z has five ("Roc Boys" is the highest at 55%), and Lil Wayne also has three ("How to Love" is the highest at 62%).