Snoop Dogg Releases New Single “Go On,” Restores Hope For 'Neva Left'

High hopes for Snoop's 15th LP have returned.

Snoop Dogg has released "Go On," an October London-assisted single off his forthcoming album, Neva Left, due out this Friday, May 19.

Premiered on Genius, the Brody Brown-produced record is as smooth as a baby's bottom and breezy as Chris Brown's silly nickname. Considering Snoop isn't likely to spend his indie album budget on Pharrell to recreate "Beautiful," the record represents a welcome alternative.

As a lifelong Snoop Dogg fan, listening to and subsequently trashing the veteran rapper's last single, the appropriately-titled "Trash Bags," brought me no joy. In fact, it was actually quite depressing. While "Go On" doesn't reinvent the wheel, it at least finds Snoop in his wheelhouse, as opposed to trying to fit into the trap sonic landscape in an attempt to widen his reach.

After hearing "Mount Kushmore," the first single off Neva Left, I had high hopes for the 15th solo album of Snoop's storied career. Though they briefly vanished when I placed "Trash Bags" in my trash bin, they have subsequently returned thanks to "Go On."

Please don't let me down, Snoop.