Snoop Dogg Reveals His Top 3 Favorite Rappers of All-Time

And 2pac didn't make the cut.

On Friday, May 19, Snoop Dogg will release his 15th solo album, Neva Left. To promote the forthcoming drop, the veteran rapper was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, where he talked about working a summer job at McDonald's (they called him "Young Eggs"), doing a TV show with Martha Stewart (she makes him drink on set), parasailing with 2Pac and Suge Knight and the first rap record he ever wrote (he said it was "garbage"). 

While the entire four-minute interview is quite entertaining, as most Snoop Dogg interviews tend to be, the part that hip-hop fans will likely be most interested to see is when Snoop lists his top three favorite rappers of all-time.

In no particular order, they are Slick Rick, Ice Cube and, of course, Snoop Dogg.

Snoop selecting himself was just as much about generating in-studio laughs as it was him being serious, but a Rick-Cube-Snoop top three is certainly an undeniably great trifecta.

It is somewhat surprising Snoop didn't mention 2Pac, especially given his relationship with the late legendary emcee who he recently posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but we certainly won't hold it against him.