A Frustrated Action Bronson Asks Label to "Put My Motherfucking Album Out"

It was all good just a short time ago. Or was it?

It was all good just a short time ago. Or was it?

In late March, Action Bronson excitedly revealed that he was wrapping up work on his forthcoming album, Blue Chips 7000, which, at the time, he called "fucking lit." Unfortunately, that "fucking lit" album, which has since been completed, has been busy collecting dust sitting on his record label's shelf. 

On Wednesday morning (May 24), Bronson fired off a frustrated tweet, demanding Atlantic Records release the album.

As we discussed earlier this week in our examination of what it means to be an independent artist in 2017, Bronson's lack of control over his product's release date has had him yearning for the days when he was still independent, seen clearly in another tweet from earlier this month.

Bronson's last full-length album, Mr. Wonderful, was released in March 2015. Since then, the New York native has spent most of his time on TV, recording episodes of his traveling food show Fuck, That's Delicious and the comedy documentary Traveling the Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch ‘Ancient Aliens’

While it's unlikely an all-caps tweet will get the job done here, Bronson passionately urging his label to release his project does prove that music, which has taken a backseat to his previously-mentioned TV endeavors, is still a top priority. I think we've found our silver lining.