Drake Lists 2 Chainz as One of His Favorite Rappers of All-Time

"I say that proudly." Yeah, of course, but what about the barn door, Drake?

On Tuesday (May 23), 2 Chainz announced that his mildly-delayed new album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, his first since ColleGrove with Lil Wayne last March, will be released on June 16.

To get fans excited about the forthcoming drop date, the ATL native posted a short promo video to his Instagram, which includes a cameo by frequent collaborator and friend Drake, who tells him, "you're one of my favorite rappers of all-time, I say that proudly." 

Being named one of Drake's all-time favorite rappers, I'm sure, warms 2 Chainz' heart, but that mild flattery doesn't hold a candle to the literal shrine Drizzy created for André 3000 back when he only had a Toronto apartment to his name.

In a 2010 interview with PAPER Magazine, Drake revealed that he hired an artist to paint 3 Stacks' best lyrics on a barn door. Yes, an actual door he removed from an actual barn.

"I have a shrine in my apartment dedicated to Andre. I took a door off a barn and had an artist take the lyrics from his verses [and put them] on this barn door. As soon as you walk into my apartment that's the first thing you see."

While debating whether or not 2 Chainz belongs in an "all-time rapper" conversation is silly—after all, Drake said "favorite," which is a subjective term—there is no debating where he stands amongst Drake's favorite artists. For now, he's comfortably behind Dre and his barn door and Sade and his abdominal tattoo.

Sorry, 2 Chainz.