Holy Sh*t You Need to See Mike WiLL Made-It's "Perfect Pint" Video

Mike WiLL's latest music video is CGI gold.

Special effects in hip-hop videos have been known to produce some disastrous results, but every so often we get a glimpse of Hollywood-esque production techniques in a rap video that makes us want to mash the “replay” button on YouTube until our fingers bleed.

Today (May 30), Mike WiLL Made-It dropped a video for Ransom 2 standout cut “Perfect Pint” featuring Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane and Kendrick Lamar, and it looks like I’m going to need a finger splint by the time I’m finished re-watching.

One might advise getting into the right state of mind before hitting play on this.

There’s so much going on in this absolutely bat-shit crazy video that I don’t know that I’ll be able to cover it all. What starts out as a pretty generic looking scene of Rae Sremmurd riding in a drop-top helmed by their Ear Drummers mentor Mike WiLL quickly explodes into a CGI-laced voyage that looks like someone gave Salvador Dali some LSD and tossed him in the editing bay.

Within seconds, there’s 3-D animated tarantulas and paper airplanes made of dollar bills dominating the desert landscape, and Slim Jxmmi is possessed by some sort of Donnie Darko wormhole apparition that apparently turns him into a giant. It actually gets weirder than this, so hang on.

Swae Lee’s melodic hook is, again, dominated by random assortments of giant police officers, tortoises, explosions and pills before Gucci Mane appears in what has to be the greatest video appearance I’ve seen in years. It should be noted that there’s actually three Guccis in this video—astronaut Gucci, head-on-a-flying-saucer Gucci and gigantic Chappelle-Blackzilla-skit Gucci, all three of which are bouncing around the visual with no rhyme or reason (and it’s amazing.)

To round things out nicely, Kendrick shows up for his verse in a purple hooptie with spaceship capabilities and a fucking Gucci Mane rearview mirror ornament. Kendrick spends his verse flying around gigantic video vixens and what looks like Miley Cyrus riding a pegasus, occasionally turning into a Bathing Ape-wearing giant himself because, why not?

As the song comes to a close, the utterly bonkers visual elements of each performer coalesce into a brilliantly bat-shit symphony of visual fuckery. It's yet another stunning piece of work from Nabil, who we spotlighted just months ago as the amazing photographer behind The Weeknd's Starboy album cover, and who deserves an award for his latest video gold.



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