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Pharrell Linking Rich Chigga & Tyler, The Creator is What Rap Dreams Are Made Of

Chigga and Tyler's brief exchange represents a full circle hip-hop moment.

Rich Chigga, an Indonesian rapper-comedian who burst onto the scene internet in 2016 with his viral sensation "Dat $tick"—which has racked up almost 50M views on YouTube since its February 2016 release—has, in a very short amount of time, gone on to reach a star-in-the-making level of fame that few saw coming.

Late last week, Chigga joined Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener on their Beats 1 show OTHERtone to discuss, among a variety of topics, online dating, the origin story of his stage name and who the artist born Brian Imanuel would love to work with in the future. 

So, who's on Chigga's short list? "I love Post Malone, I think he's really talented. Childish Gambino. Tyler, The Creator, for sure. Who else, uh... Pharrell?" said the 17-year-old, glancing in the direction of Skateboard P with an ear-to-ear smile on his face.

After Pharrell thanks Chigga for the mention by issuing a prayer hands emoji gesture, Vener asks Chigga if he's had the good fortune of meeting Tyler, The Creator. When Chigga replies that no, he hasn't met Tyler, Pharrell picks up his phone and dials Tyler on the spot, live during the interview, giving Chigga the chance to say hello and tell him that he's "such an inspiration."

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"You don't know me, right?" Chigga asks Tyler, to which he replies, "Yeah, I saw you do a little funny dance."

Shocked, Chigga tells Tyler, "I love you so much, man. I hope we meet one day." 

"Well, thank you," Tyler replied. "I don't know you to tell you I love you too—because that would make me a liar—but I appreciate it. I'ma check your stuff out. Someone told me about you and I haven't had the chance to dive in."

Growing up, Tyler was a huge fan of Pharrell, crediting the legendary producer for helping to inspire the launch of Odd Future. And now, Pharrell has paid it forward, connecting a younger artist with his Tyler who feels the same way about Tyler's music that Tyler felt about Pharrell's. 

Oddly enough, this brief exchange between Chigga and Tyler represents a full circle hip-hop moment. 



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