Chance The Rapper Studies His "OGs" Kendrick Lamar & Drake

"I study both of them and I get excited when they drop music."
Chance The Rapper, 2017

It isn’t just Kanye West who Chance The Rapper looks up to; during a recent appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning, the Social Experiment star talked about his love for Kendrick Lamar and Drake, two “OGs” (which is kinda crazy to think about, but at 29 and 30, respectively, he's right) he gets excited about as a fan and learns from as an artist.

"Him and Drake are OGs now — it’s hard for people to understand that because hip-hop is so fluid and it’s always changing, but they’re full-on OGs and I look up to and respect them a lot, and learn from both of them up close and from afar. Even though 'More Life' is more playlist — kinda like what Kendrick did last year with 'Untitled Unmastered' — it still hits, though. I study both of them and I get excited when they drop music." 

As for DAMN., Chance called it Kendrick’s “best album that he’s made” and “the best album to come out in a long time.” Although they talk about God in very different ways, Chano said he saw elements of his own music in K. Dot’s latest album. Some new artists may not care what the previous generation make of their music, but for Chance, that’s confirmation he’s doing the Lord’s work.

"The Kendrick project excited me so much because there were a bunch of elements on the project that I had not thought to play with yet. Kendrick is a pioneer in the post-vocal effects world — him and Ali kill it with the phaser or the pitching — but also, I felt elements of my own music in it. Whether it’s subconscious or intentional, that’s what I think all the young artists want to see: their OGs rocking with them. And Kendrick, like I said, is my OG."

Of course, Chance didn't need to wait until DAMN. dropped to know Kendrick was rocking with him. Same goes with Drake.

Chance looking up to Kendrick and Drake is hardly surprising (I mean, which rapper doesn't?) but studying both artists means getting a well-rounded education: Mr. Lamar could be a professor in cadence, storytelling and crafting classic albums, while Dr. Graham might as well have a PhD in selling records. Having established himself as one of the most exciting, thought-provoking and successful new artists around, it's safe to say Chance has been paying attention in class.

Elsewhere in his Hot 97 interview, Chance talks about the status of his joint project with Childish Gambino (“this is gonna hurt people's feelings: we’re probably not gonna put out a project until we’re like 44”), why the “All We Got” mix sounds like an android orgy and the “crazy” studio session in which Kanye brought out an MPC on a platter and freestyled his part on “All We Got”—both his vocals and the drums.

Oh, and Chance also revealed that Francis and the Lights is working heavily on Kanye’s next album, but “please don’t make that a headline.” We got you, Chance.