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Birdman Wants to Exec-Produce 50 Cent's Next Album, 50 Should Say No

Don't take my word for it, though—just ask Lil Wayne.

It's been three years since 50 Cent released his last full-length studio album, Animal Ambition, and the forever-delayed follow-up, Street King Immortal, is still nowhere in sight. 

Still, that hasn't stopped Cash Money head honcho and super fake oil tycoon Birdman from throwing his support toward the former rap heavyweight.

On Tuesday afternoon (June 6), Birdman revealed in an Instagram post that he recently asked 50 to exec-produce his next album. "Guaranteed platinum plus," wrote Birdman.

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Although his rap star has dimmed considerably over the past seven years, 50 is still a marketable name and voice in the hip-hop community. But when he does inevitably attempt a comeback—remember, rappers don't ever truly retire—the veteran rapper would be wise to steer clear of Birdman and his sweaty palms.

Despite all of the tremendous success the flashy music mogul has had over his 26-year career in the record business, the trail of shady business dealings he's left behind is longer than Drake's Billboard streak. Don't take my word for it, though—just ask Lil Wayne.

Since 50 has seen a tremendous amount of success in TV over the past few years—his show Power has scored record viewership numbers for an original program on Starz—he's not in a position where he needs to force himself back into the studio to release an album. He also has independence on his side, which means he's not beholden to label pressure or influence from a higher power.

If he's strictly looking for a quick payday and Birdman is promising him a million-plus sales figure, though, he might as... wait... no... he should still definitely say no.



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