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Joey Bada$$ Is Working With Diddy and “What’s About to Happen Next Is Going to Be Great”

Statik Selektah explains why we should be excited about Joey and Puff's newfound friendship.
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You’ve probably noticed a familiar face popping up on Joey Bada$$’s Instagram lately: the million-dollar mug belonging to Diddy. Since the release of ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ earlier this year, Joey and Puff have been spotted hanging out at Rolling Loud festival, partying in the club together and even hitting the lab for Puff’s first studio session in a year, where Joey witnessed Swizz Beatz “make 25 bangers straight in under an hour.”

Joey, a 22-year-old independent rapper with underground sensibilities, and Diddy, a 40-something mogul famous for turning rappers into pop stars, may be an unlikely alliance, but “what’s about to happen next is gonna be great,” according to Statik Selektah. During a recent appearance on A Waste of Time With ItsTheReal, the producer and DJ (who, of course, works closely with the Pro Era crew) explains how Joey and Puff linked up, and why we should be excited about their newfound friendship.

“So basically Diddy watched us rock [at Rolling Loud] and Joey had met Diddy during Kendrick’s performance — Diddy was like, ‘yo, come watch it with me!’ And they ended up getting real cool. The rest of the week we were in the club with him every night, we had a crib — I don’t want to give away too much — but we had a real good time, Puff was real welcoming. The way Puff was talking to Joey was reminiscent of that Bad Boy, Brooklyn — it was a good vibe. Something amazing’s going on with that. Joey’s been in the lab with Swizz Beatz — this is all stuff you can see on Instagram. What’s about to happen next is going to be great.”

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Statik also shared a few Puff stories of his own, none more hilarious than the first time he met the Bad Boy boss as a teenager.

“The first time I ever met Puff, it was Nicole Kidman, Lenny Kravitz, my cousin and my other cousin, Megan, and we were just chilling in this restaurant in LaFayette. I was like, ‘yo, I’m gonna go to the bathroom.’ I come back, sit down and look up and Puff’s sitting across from me. He just showed up. He’s like, ‘yo, what’s up man? We going out?’ I was like, ‘yeah!’ So he had two Escalades and a Ferrari and he’s like, ‘get in.’ We all get in the trucks and we’re following Puff, and we get to this light on 7th Avenue and the shit turns green — this is at like 10:30 at night, 11 o’clock. It’s a green light on 7th Ave Midtown and he gets out of the [Ferrari], comes over and goes, ‘yo, you wanna hit the blunt?’”

As if Joey working with Diddy isn't reason enough to be excited, Statik also hinted that he and Joey are "about to drop something special" this summer. Listen to the full episode below.



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