Logic Gives Hilarious Reason Why "Anziety" is Misspelled on 'Everybody'

It's "hip-hop" to add Z to your song title, but that wasn't Logic's plan.

For as long as hip-hop has been around, rappers have found a way to incorporate the letter Z into their stage names (Boosie Badazz, Swizz Beatz) and their song titles ("Heartz of Men", "It'z A Setup") for no other reason than it's "hip-hop."

Last month, Logic released his latest album, Everybody, and among the 13 tracks is a song entitled "Anziety," which features vocals by English singer-songwriter Lucy Rose.

Clearly, this alternative spelling is yet another example of an artist swapping in a Z for the sake of a scoring a few extra cool points, right?



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Well, not exactly. And by not exactly, I mean not at all.

According to the Maryland-born artist, the hilarious reason that the track title appears as "Anziety" and not "Anxiety" is because 6ix, Logic's longtime collaborator, misspelled the file name of the beat when he sent it to Logic.

Sure, Logic could have easily edited the track title on the official track listing and on the album's back cover, but I ask, where's the fun in that? 



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