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Diplo Re-Releases "Bank Roll," Claims Other Artists Made Him Take Down Justin Bieber Version

Diplo shared a new version of "Bank Roll" with Rich Chigga alongside Young Thug and Rich The Kid.

Last month, Diplo released a star-studded collaborative record entitled "Bank Roll," which featured Justin Bieber, Rich The Kid and Young Thug. However, shortly after the song was posted to his SoundCloud account, it was removed without warning or explanation.

Almost immediately, several EDM blogs began to speculate that the song's removal was in response to the negative feedback Diplo received on social media, but on Wednesday (June 7), the super producer shared the real reason for the song's take down in a message attached to an updated, Bieber-less version of the track.

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"Other artists made SoundCloud take down the Justin Beiber [sic] version," wrote Diplo, adding, "because they had exclusives with him."

While songs are often removed from streaming platforms like SoundCloud for copyright infringement and sample clearance, a takedown request is usually generated by the record label or rights holder. It's rare that an artist, or in this case artists—as in more than one—would force Diplo to remove the song.

We have reached out to Diplo to find out which artists, specifically, made him remove the Bieber version of "Bank Roll," but a quick look at the top two spots on the Spotify Global Chart would indicate it's likely either Luis Fonsi (Bieber appears on the remix to his "Despacito" single) or DJ Khaled ("I'm The One"). 

Replacing Bieber on the new version of "Bank Roll" is buzzmaking Indonesian rapper Rich Chigga.



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