Joey Bada$$ Has a Trap Record with London On Da Track, Die-Hards Come Unglued

Sir, please put down the copy of '1999' and slowly back away from the ledge!

Following the release of his new album AABA, Joey Bada$$ took to Twitter to ask his fans how he could improve as an artist.

Predictably, the bulk of replies Joey received before he deleted the tweet—because soliciting advice on social media is a dastardly practice—suggested that he "stay true to his rap roots" and "focus on making records similar to his 1999 debut."  

While I don't recall seeing anyone suggest that he make a trap record with Atlanta producer London On Da Track, Joey has one in the can. And it sounds incredible.

On Tuesday (June 6), London shared a preview of the untitled track, which will be a part of his forthcoming Who Would've Known album. 

Before fans freak out about Joey doing trap records like they did last year after the Pro Era leader released his pop-leaning single "Devastated"—and like they're currently doing in responses to Joey's follow-up tweet—it's important to keep in mind that Joey has been releasing trap material for the past two years.

Long before he released his "Mask Off" freestyle which, according to some attendees, was one of the more celebrated songs the BK native performed at this year's Rolling Loud Festival in Miami, Joey was a guest on Chicago rapper G Herbo's "Lord Knows" and labelmate Nyck Caution's "What's Understood," produced by Metro Boomin.

Joey has previously acknowledged that fans can be "very fickle" when it comes to artistic freedom, and he understands the fan outcry for lyrical miracles over boom bap beats, but in order for him to continue his growth as an artist—he's on record as saying AABA is only "half of his potential"—he must be allowed to traverse whatever soundscape his ears desire.

In the meantime, though, I'd urge day-one fans to slowly step back and away from the ledge. 



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