Quavo Recorded His "I'm The One" Verse 5 Minutes After Hearing the Beat

Quavo needn't be bothered by simpleton struggles like spending time writing lyrics.

You won't find anyone who'd dare to compare the lyrical skill of Migos rapper Quavo to that of say, Nas or Lupe Fiasco, but his prowess for working quickly in the studio is undeniably impressive.

In a new interview with Billboard to promote the June 23 release of his 10th studio album Grateful, DJ Khaled told the entire origin story of his hit single "I'm The One"—which is currently No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has accumulated an astounding 244 million streams on Spotify and 302 million views on YouTube—revealing that Quavo began recording his verse a mere five minutes after hearing the Nic Nac-produced beat.

"Migos came through, I played it for Quavo, he was like, 'this is crazy,'" recounted Khaled. "The man really took five minutes—five minutes listening to the beat—and then he went into the booth and just knocked the verse out."

Again, nobody is going to confuse an opening 16 from Quavo on a Khaled summer single with a carefully crafted, all-time verse from a lyrical legend like Big L, but Quavo's gift for identifying a melody, as Khaled later pointed out, gives him the ability to create an unmistakable vibe. "He just puts you in a trance," said Khaled.

For further proof of the rapper's quick-strike mentality, watch Quavo and his Migos brethren freestyle the Llama Llama Red Pajama story during their

last appearance

at Los Angeles radio station Power 106.1.