Vince Staples & Joey Bada$$ Have a Song in the Chamber

We can only hope we'll hear it.

To promote the June 23 release of his forthcoming album Big Fish Theory, Vince Staples conducted a Reddit AMA on Tuesday (June 13), fielding fan questions about his biggest inspiration (his Mama), the last time he was scared ("'I aint neva scared' - Bonecrusher") and his favorite song of all-time ("Girls Just Want to Have Fun").

While most of Vince's answers consist of him calling the questioner a "weirdo," he did subtly drop a bomb when Reddit user FromPrussiawithlove1 asked, "Are you ever gonna make a song with Joey Bada$$?"

Vince's response: "I did that already."

Hold up, what?

To date, Vince and Joey have never released a song with one another nor have they both been guests on another artist or producer's track, which could only mean one thing: a collaborative effort between the Long Beach emcee and his Brooklyn cohort is currently sitting in a folder on a hard drive in a studio in either Los Angeles or New York.

Although the two lyricists have yet to make any joint material available for public consumption, in 2014, Staples joined Joey and his Pro Era crew on the B4.DA.$$ Tour.



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