Flatbush Zombies Credit A$AP Yams for Their Existence

"You wouldn't have this interview if A$AP Yams didn't exist."

In a new interview with MONTREALITYFlatbush Zombies emcee Meechy Darko revealed that A$AP Yams, the late co-founder of the A$AP Worldwide who passed away in 2015 from an accidental overdose, is the person most responsible for the trio's existence.

"You wouldn't have this interview if A$AP Yams didn't exist," Meechy said. "He put us together, he put a lot of shit together."

Yams, born Steven Rodriguez, was often called a visionary by his peers, a label that isn't foreign to Flatbush emcee Zombie Juice.

"He saw potential and talent in all of us when we fuckin' didn't even know we was this nice," Zombie Juice added.

While Yams is often only associated with building up the A$AP brand name, a movement that has turned two of the crew's members—Rocky and Ferg—into hip-hop household names, it's clear his impact on the entirety of the New York hip-hop scene will be felt (and heard) for years to come.