Poor DJ Khaled, He's Been Trying to Work with Eminem for Six Years

Khaled's collab portfolio is prolific, but there's one name that's been eluding him for years.

Over the course of his 11-year career, DJ Khaled has worked with a who's who list of rappers, singers and producers, including Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Lil Wayne.

There is, however, one name missing from that list: Eminem.

Since 2011, the New Orleans-born DJ, "producer" and A&R has released a total of 88 records over six albums—that number includes the 23 tracks on his forthcoming 10th studio album Grateful, due out June 23—but, according to Khaled, he hasn't come up with the right record to lure the Detroit legend into the studio.

"I've never got a chance to work with Eminem. I want to work with Eminem," Khaled told Katie Couric for Yahoo! News. "I have tried before but I am going to try again, but this time, I am going to make sure I have the right record. I don't think he's telling me no, I think I just got to come with the right presentation. Even with Rihanna, as much as I wanted to work with Rihanna, I wanted to wait until I had the right record, and I did. So when I find that right record, I'ma reach out to [Eminem] and his team and, hopefully, we can work one day."



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Almost six years ago to the day, Khaled sat down for an interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez to promote his We the Best Forever album. The topic of conversation? The lack of a Slim Shady verse on his album.

"I wanted Eminem [on the album]," Khaled told Martinez. "Maybe you can help me?" 

At the time, Khaled believed the reason he wasn't able to land an Eminem album contribution was that "he doesn't know me like that." Over half a decade later, though, his rationalization has morphed into "I just need to find the right record and he'll say yes."

Considering Khaled stalked Jay Z for a year and even rented a spot in New York so that he could be closer to his future Roc Nation manager, it's likely the head honchos of We The Best Music and Shady Records will eventually work with one another. Until then, however, count on Khaled to remind us all that he's oh-so-close.



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