OVO Producer Boi-1da Lists His Three Favorite Beats

Interestingly, none of the Toronto producer's selections are among his most commercially successful records.

Toronto producer Boi-1da conducted a Reddit AMA on Monday (June 19) in support of Joyner Lucas' newly-released major label debut, 508-507-2209, for which he is an executive producer. 

While the 30-year-old, born Matthew Jehu Samuels, mostly fielded questions about Lucas' album, he did answer several inquiries about his past production work, including a request to name his favorite beat.

Instead of just listing his favorite beat, Samuels offered up his top three favorite beats: "Energy" (Drake), "Pound Cake" (Drake) and "The Blacker The Berry" (Kendrick Lamar).

Given that Boi-1da is an in-house producer for OVO Sound, Drake's record label, and Kendrick Lamar's "The Blacker The Berry" was a single from his GRAMMY-winning album To Pimp a Butterfly, none of his three favorite beat selections should come as a surprise.

Interestingly, though, none of Boi-1da's three beat selections are among his most commercially successful records, which are, in order: Eminem's "Not Afraid" (Diamond), Rihanna's "Work" (5x Platinum) and Drake's "Best I Ever Had" (2x Platinum).