Logic Believes Authenticity is the Reason His Music Connects

"I think you can smell when somebody's not authentic."

Logic has never had a Top 40 single, his music is rarely played on the radio and he's never scored a solo Platinum plaque, but none of that has stopped the 27-year-old from building up one of the most loyal, dedicated fan bases in hip-hop.

In addition to helping him score the first No. 1 album of his career for Everybody, rapid fan support helped Logic pass the one billion stream mark on Spotify—five months ago, long before Everybody was available for public consumption.

So, what is it about Logic and the music he makes that connections with young fans?

"I'm honest," Logic told Complex Sneaker Shopping host Joe La Puma. "I think you can smell when somebody's not authentic. And I'm happy to be in my skin, I'm happy with who I am, and it took a long journey to be there—a long journey. There were many years of my life when I didn't even accept myself, I didn't know who I was, but in my later 20s, I'm really realizing who I am. I'm happy with the man I see in the mirror. I'm just myself. I ain't trying to impress nobody."

Logic is often clowned online for repeatedly reminding his audience, both in his music and in interviews, that he's bi-racial, but owning who you are and talking about it with your audience is the definition of authenticity. Not only is Logic's answer an extension of the messaging he delivers on Everybody, but it also echoes his mission on social media, which is to spread "peace, love and positivity." 

Hit records are great—and Logic might soon break through with his Alessia Cara and Khalid-assisted single, "1-800-273-8255"—but no superproducer, label budget or hashtag campaign can hide an artist forever who is faking the funk.