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Scarface on 2Pac: “I Love Pac to Death, But Let That Man Rest"

"If motherfuckers try to shoot a movie on me and I'm dead, don't go see that shit."

Veteran emcee Scarface has never been one to bite his tongue about topics relating to hip-hop and the music industry. Last month, during a Q&A before his performance at Chicago's Classic Hip-Hop Lives concert, the Houston native encouraged audience members to not only boycott the new Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me, which opened in theaters this past Friday (June 16) but to also not support any of his own material posthumously.

"If a motherfucker put an album out on me when I'm dead, don't buy that shit," he said. "If motherfuckers try to shoot a movie on me and I'm dead, don't go see that shit. Let me rest. I love Pac to death, but let that man rest."

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While it's certainly fair to question who stands to benefit the most—a record label or an artist's legacy—from the release of unfinished recordings that are over-produced and repackaged as a "new," it's incredibly important for the life and career of game-changing leaders in any field, music or otherwise, to be documented through film. 

All Eyez On Me has received harsh criticism from both fans and people close to 2Pac for its inaccurate portrayal of his life and several of his closest relationships, but not every hip-hop biopic has fallen flat on its face. In addition to being a box office smash, 2015's Straight Outta Compton has helped to educate an entire generation of hip-hop fans who were previously unfamiliar with the rise of the most legendary West Coast rap group of all-time, N.W.A. Then again, a majority of the group's members were not only alive during the film's creation, but able to assist in it.

As for the outspoken Scarface, whose 2Pac collaboration "Smile" is the only Gold-certified single in his entire discography, issuing a blunt, opinionated hot take is nothing new. In a 2013 interview with HardKnockTV, the former Geto Boy blamed "so fucking white and so fucking Jewish" record executives for "whitewashing" hip-hop.



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