Young Thug’s “Family Don’t Matter” Features Millie Go Lightly Because It Was Her Record Too

The two artists had each written songs to the same beat—so they split it down the middle.

Young Thug's new album, Beautiful Thugger Girls, features a handful of hip-hop household names, including Future and Snoop Dogg, but the only guest who makes multiple appearances is Millie Go Lightly, a 23-year-old alt-pop singer-songwriter from London.

Following the album's release last Friday (June 16), Complexspoke with Millie about the opportunity to work with the rising ATL hitmaker and how their opening track, "Family Don't Matter," came together. As it turns out, the song's co-producer, Wheezy, who has five production credits on Beautiful Thugger Girls and also served as one of three executive producers on the album, had already given Millie the beat, without the knowledge of Thug and his team.

"We basically both ended up with the same beat from Wheezy completely accidentally," said Millie. "It was a real serendipitous event. We had no idea."



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Multiple recording artists recording a song over the same beat is far from serendipitous—it's actually a fairly common occurrence—but the end result was nonetheless beneficial.

"I wrote a song called 'Medicine' to that beat," she continued. "Somebody in Thug’s team was like 'let me hear Millie’s music cause I’ve never heard it.' They’ve met me a million times, but half had never heard my music. They pull up the private link I had been sharing around the group. The first song was 'Medicine.' They were like 'oh my god that’s the beat.' We realized we both had written a song on the same beat. Then they called me on Saturday, 'Hi can you come to Atlanta for Monday,' because he wanted to use it for the album."

Instead of fighting to keep the beat for herself, the wise-beyond-her-years West Londoner, born Melissa Sarah Griffiths, knew that working together with Thugger on the record would be much more beneficial. 

"So we basically ended up splitting the song down the middle. He’s got half and I have half. Then he wrote parts that he wanted me to sing. It was weird, because he had me in mind for that song anyway to sing the hook. So when he found out I had written a song to it, he allowed me to put my verses on it too, which was so nice of him. He didn’t have to do that."

In addition to appearing twice on Beautiful Thugger Girls, the self-proclaimed "Gangsta Princess" recently made an appearance on Bay Area rapper and producer P-Lo's "Back To You" single.



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